Adapted from Yemek ve Kültür #44

Eşek Bakla Peyvazi, Fava bean piyaz from Birecik and surroundings.


250 g fava beans so fresh that they were picked from a garden in south-eastern Turkey that very day

250 g green plums, picked from the same gardens

3 medium onions

1 bunch scallions

1 bunch parsley

1/2 bulb fennel with its fronds

100 g olive oil from Nizip

20 g Urfa biber (ground pepper flakes from Urfa)

50 walnut halves

10 g fresh powdered sumac from the same region

salt to taste


Put the fava beans in a baking pan. Chop the onion and mix them with the beans. Chop the fennel into medium dice and sprinkle over the bean and onion mixture. Add the olive oil, the Urfa biber and also the fresh plums.* Send the platter to the neighborhood bakery oven. Have them bake it in a closed oven for 30 minutes and then open the oven door for three minutes more. Meanwhile finely chop the parsley and scallions and toss these together with the sumac, the salt and the walnuts. Combine with the piyaz fresh from the oven, and enjoy.

* one imagines that the plum should be taken off their pits and roughly chopped.


Generally this dish is prepared fresh in spring, but is also prepared with dried beans in the fall.