Adapted from Yemek ve Kültür #45

Potato Piyaz, Eastern Turkey


3 potatoes

5 scallions

1 onion

Seeds of one pomegranate

1 sprig coriander

1/2 sprig parsley

1 dessert spoon red pepper flakes (such as Aleppo or Maraş biber)*

1 dessert spoon turmeric*

1 dessert spoon red pepper powder*

100 gm ghee / clarified butter

salt to taste

*1 dessert spoon equals approximately 2 teaspoons


Let’s boil the potatoes for half an hour. After taking them off the boil, we peel them and chop them into small cubes. Heat the ghee and cook the onion until golden. Add the spices and the cubed potatoes. Stir once or twice, and turn off the heat. Chop the greens and add the pomegranate seeds; gently mix.

Wrap the piyaz in lavash or other flatbread. Roll, and let’s enjoy.


Generally this is fed to the feeble or those of poor appetite, in order to bring them a feeling of well-being, or şifa.