The Amazing Barbershop project is a documentary exploration and survey of Haitian tonsorial art, including an investigation of the material culture and sociology of barber-sign-painting in Haiti. It is comprised of photographs celebrating all manifestations of this popular graphic art form, from the urban to the rural and from the most naive expressions to a hyperreal domain of extraordinarily accomplished painters. Interviews with the artists responsible give socio-economic context to this still-thriving tradition of hand-painted signage. An image gallery is below. For more information, see the dedicated website for this project, which includes a section on commissioned paintings that aims to elevate the earnings and career sustainability of several barbershop artists.

I can be heard discussing barbershop art in Haiti in an interview for, HERE.

Cabinet Magazine issue #60 features an article I wrote about the decorative vernacular of the Haitian Barbershop.

In October 2016 Alva Mooses edited and published Correspondence between NYC and P-au-P, exploring artistic linkages between the two cities. I contributed a piece on this project, which you can read HERE.

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